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First of all, I’m so thrilled that you’re interested in working with me!

I’m a Malaysian-based content creator who is passionate about traveling independently and inspiring others to do the same. My mission is to dispel the myths that travel has to be super expensive and must be done in large tour buses.

As a woman of color from a developing country, I am living proof that travel is not only for the rich and privileged. Through my content, I provide valuable resources and empower my readers to make their travel dreams a reality, regardless of budget or travel style.

Since I’ve worked hard to build trust with my readers, I will only partner with companies whose values and products I personally stand by. I hope this page will give you a better idea if Ummi Goes Where? is a good fit for your brand.

Topics Covered

Ummi Goes Where? features articles covering these topics:

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Solo Travel – I travel solo 80% of the time, both domestically and internationally, and have been doing so since 2010. 

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Budget Travel – Most of my past travels were done backpacking style. Although I prefer more comfort now, I still like to score the best deals possible.

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Adventure Activities – I’m always down to try new adventures, such as paragliding, white-water rafting, and jumping out of an airplane.

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Hiking & Outdoor Activities – I’ve climbed some of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia including Mount Kinabalu and Rinjani.

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Foodie Experiences – My travels mostly center around food experiences, be it food tours, market visits, cooking classes, or cafe hopping.

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Cultural Experiences – Cultural experiences such as festivals, ceremonies, or even dance classes are usually highlights of my trips.

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Quirky Bucket-List Experiences – I have a penchant for trying unique foods, experiences, and accommodations, like the ‘barn hotel’ in Switzerland.

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Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations – I’ve visited countries that not many people have heard of, like Rwanda, San Marino, and Liechtenstein.

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In-Depth Destination Guides – All my destination guides are very thorough, detailing things to do, places to stay, and more.

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Malaysia Travel Guide – I have a dedicated section featuring articles about Malaysia, aimed at both local & international tourists.

Website Stats

As of September 2021, Ummi Goes Where? has a Domain Authority of 18 (and growing fast!). It also has:

  • 61,000+ total page views
  • 42,000+ total unique visitors from 160 countries
  • 8,100+ monthly page views
  • 6,500+ unique monthly visitors
  • 100+ email subscribers
  • 4,000+ cumulative social media followers (InstagramFacebookYouTubePinterest, and Twitter)
Want more info? Contact me here.

Audience Demographics

I have only been blogging since May 2019, but have accumulated a good size of dedicated audience who read my articles and follow me on social media.

My typical blog readers are working millennials who travel independently, either solo or with a partner. They are especially interested in adventurous activities, food, and unique travel experiences beyond the typical tourist attractions. In terms of budget, most of them are willing to pay for good, reliable services and products, but would like to get the best value for their money.

Demographic Breakdown

My blog is read by people from 160+ countries around the world, but the majority of my audience is from Malaysia, United States, India, and United Kingdom.


18 – 24: 27.5%

25 – 34: 33.5%

35 – 44: 15.5%

45+: 23.5%



Female: 45.85%

Male: 54.15%

Social Media

Social media

Partnership Opportunities

Do you have a destination, tour, restaurant, or hotel that you want to promote on my site? There are many ways we can work together, such as press trips, sponsored stays or experiences, social media campaigns, giveaways, and newsletter shout-outs.

Or let me know if you have your own idea. I’m always open to new fun ways to collaborate!

Sponsored Posts

With an engaging voice, I can create SEO-optimized content to promote your brand.

Social Media Campaigns

Let me promote your brand on various channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.

Brand Ambassadorships

I’m seeking long-term collaborations with brands that I love, which I will feature on all my future trips, and across all platforms.

Press Trips

I can work with tourism boards to create awareness and promote a destination through content creation and social media.

Sponsored Stay / Tour

I will write honest and engaging reviews, highlighting the best features of your products and services.

Product Reviews

I love trying new products and services that align with my values, and I won’t hesitate sharing the love with my followers.


I’m open for banner, widget, and text advertisements on a prominent space on my website, as long as it fits my brand. 

E-mail Campaigns

I have a growing list of engaged and targeted e-mail subscribers, to whom I share regular updates, insiders’ tips, and exclusive giveaways.

Please note that all reviews and sponsored content will be 100% honest, will include only no-follow links, and will also include a disclosure, as per Google and FTC guidelines. I will not accept content written by the clients themselves.

Get in Touch!

Are you ready to collaborate and bring more exposure to your brand?

My rates are fair and flexible, and can be tailored based on your needs. Get in touch with me so we can work out a mutually beneficial deal.

Send your partnership proposal by filling in the form below or e-mailing me here.

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