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Visiting the Upside Down Museum in Penang | Ummi Goes Where?

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Penang Upside Down Museum Review and Guide

Not a big fan of museums? Me neither. But don’t let the word ‘museum’ repel you from this one. It could be one of the most enjoyable museums out there.

The Penang Upside-Down Museum is meant to replicate old Chinese houses in Penang. It has its own living room, dining hall, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and everything else you might expect in a typical house. Except that everything is upside down. That’s right — everything, from the sofa to the bathtub, is glued to the ceiling!

The idea is to take pictures of yourself in the rooms so that when you rotate the photos upside down, it will look as though you’re defying gravity. 

Penang Upside Down Museum Opening Hours

Opening Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (opens every day)

Penang Upside Down Museum Entrance Fees 2023


Adult: RM29
Child (5 – 12 years old): RM21

Malaysians (with MyKad):

Adult: RM21
Child (5 – 12 years old): RM12

Do follow their Facebook page for latest promotions and updates.

What to Expect at the Penang Upside Down Museum

Depending on what time of the day and what time of the year you go, there might already be a line of people waiting to go in. But don’t worry — you won’t have to wait long or fight with other people for a good photo.

Only one group of visitors will be allowed in each room at any one time. That means, if you’re solo, it will only be you. You won’t be sharing the room with other people.

Visiting the Upside Down Museum in Penang | Ummi Goes Where?
When you don’t want to step on the wet bathroom floor.

I like how much detail they put in each room. Look at the photo above and notice the toiletries beside the sink, the cleaning agents on the shelf below it, the tiles, the toilet paper, etc.

However, you won’t have much time to look around. There is a photographer in each room and they will take your phone and tell you how to pose. Then, they’ll snap a few shots and hurry you along to the next room.

I think I only spent on average 1 – 2 minutes in each room, and less than an hour in the entire museum.

Visiting the Upside Down Museum in Penang | Ummi Goes Where?
We are taking our bedroom romp to another level 😛

Tips for Visiting the Penang Upside-Down Museum

  • Make sure you bring your camera/phone with you. The visit would be pointless without one.
  • Make sure your camera/phone has enough battery and storage. The photographer will take at least two shots for each pose.
  • To make the photos more believable, if you have long hair, tie it up in a bun. Otherwise, it would give the secret away. Case in point:
Visiting the Upside Down Museum in Penang | Ummi Goes Where?
An extra-terrestrial being trying to invade your fridge.
  • For the same reason, try not to wear skirts, dresses, or loose shirts.
  • Or, if you don’t have anything to tie your hair with, hold it like this:
Visiting the Upside Down Museum in Penang | Ummi Goes Where?
And now trying to smuggle some of your dinner.

You’re welcome.

Final Thoughts on Penang Upside Down Museum

Is the Penang Upside-Down Museum worth visiting?

Yes, I definitely think it is.

I like that they have their own photographers. It is especially helpful for solo travelers because we all understand how hard it is to rely on self-timer all the time.

The fact that they tell you how to pose is also another plus because otherwise, you’d be wasting so much time trying to think of ideas.

Visiting the Upside Down Museum in Penang | Ummi Goes Where?
One of the rooms was not upside down, but sideways.

The whole process is super-efficient. Instead of having everybody randomly ambling around in the museum, allowing only one group in each room helps everyone get good photos without having any photo-bombers. 

In the beginning, you might feel as though you’re being rushed through the experience, but it will soon make sense because this museum is something you can only truly appreciate once you go home and look at the pictures.

Penang Upside Down Museum

Address: 45, Lebuh Kimberly, George Town, 10100, Penang, MALAYSIA.

Contact Number: +604 264 2660



Have you been to any upside-down museum? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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  1. Sis Lin

    Nak tau tak Sis belum pernah pergi muzium terbalik mana-mana negeri dan tempat pun, teringin juga nak gi.. tapi sikit konpius kalau tengok orang share gambar.. sebenonya kita post gambar kita terbalik atau gambar deko tu yang terbalik? Hehehehe

  2. Ruby

    Suka juga pergi museum. Tapi museum yang sejarah tempat-tempat di negara tu or sejarah perang camtu. Kalau upside down museum camni kat depan KL Tower ada Ruby pergi. Seronok buat trick bergambar terbalik. Hehe

  3. Qeela

    Indeed an upside down museum always seems like such a fun place to visit, especially when we’re going there with several other friends or family members right!

  4. JEJE

    Suka ketawa sendiri kalo udah berkunjung kesana terus lihat foto-fotonya. Kadang heran, bisa ada ide untuk membuat museum Upside down kaya gini 😀 haha

  5. Madam B

    Never been here. My head upside down seeing all those pixs. My mind at the same time trying to relate n imagine the stuff there. Haha. Very smart idea unique place it is. Wish we can be there one day

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