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Learning to Fly an Airplane in Kuala Lumpur | Ummi Goes Where?

Learn to Fly an Airplane in Kuala Lumpur - One Day Pilot Experience

Some people are born with that natural urge to try to drive everything that moves — from bicycles to cars to airplanes.

I’ve never felt that urge. Uber works just fine for me.

So, I actually didn’t find the idea of learning to fly an airplane all that appealing. Still, I decided to do it anyway, because it’s good to push myself out of my comfortable bubble, sometimes.

Also, it was my 30th birthday, and I needed something to brag about.

The next time someone makes fun of me for not knowing how to drive a car, I can clap back at them and say, “At least I can fly a plane!”

After one quick Google search, I found out about Oxbold —  a company that provides gadgets and courses related to extreme sports, including car drifting, paragliding, and a bunch of water sports. One of the courses they offer is a one-day pilot program at Subang Airport — less than 30 minutes away from where I lived.

In this course, anyone (from as young as 12 years old) can try their hands at piloting an aircraft for 30 – 60 minutes without any experience whatsoever. Note that this is not one of those flight simulator games you find in shopping malls — this is a real plane, and you’re going to fly it over Kuala Lumpur.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of being a pilot, stop dreaming and start flying!

Learn to Fly Airplane One Day Pilot Kuala Lumpur | Ummi Goes Where?
Captain Ummi.

How to Book the One-Day Pilot Experience

Booking can be made on their website. They accept PayPal, e-wallet and bank transfer. The flight experience is available everyday between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., including weekends and public holidays. Minimum 4 days advance booking is required. You can contact them at this number for any inquiries:

 +6019-663 8336

I also found a similar experience on Klook, as shown below. If you’re new to Klook, register using my referral code FFKSC to get RM15 off your first booking.

Participant Requirement

  • Age limit: 12 years old and above. Minimum age of passenger is 4 years old. Participant above 60 years of age may be required to submit a medical report.
  • Height: Min 5′ and max 6’4″.
  • Weight: Cumulative weight of participant + guest(s) must not exceed 230 kg.
  • Fitness level: You should be able to get in and out of a family car unassisted. This activity is not suitable for persons who are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy, recent head injuries, recurrent fainting, blackouts, high blood pressure, heart conditions, or back problems. If in doubt, please seek medical advice before booking.

Group Size

  • Minimum: 1 pax
  • Maximum: Please call to request

How Much is It?

You can choose between two packages:

  • 30-Minute Flying Time: RM800
  • 60-Minute Flying Time: RM1,300

Each package is inclusive of a 30-minute ground training (theory of flight, rules of the air, and radiotelephony) and one-day membership. You also have the option to bring up to 2 guests as passengers (to be sitting at the back seats), at a fee of RM200 per guest. Maximum weight of participant and guests must not exceed 230kg.

Rates do not include insurance, meals, or transportation to/from the airport.

Insurance Coverage (optional): RM50 per person (below 70 years old) or RM150 per person (>70 years old). This insurance will cover the insured person for the full activity day, with a sum assured of RM50,000.

Last Minute Booking Surcharge (for bookings within 72 hours before the activity): RM50 per person.

Learn to Fly Airplane One Day Pilot Experience Kuala Lumpur

How to Get to Subang Airport

Meeting point: Starbucks Cafe, inside Subang Skypark Terminal, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (Google Map / Waze).

Often called Subang Airport, this terminal serves general aviation and some turboprop domestic flights. Note that it is actually closer to Kuala Lumpur than Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Subang airport
Subang Airport. Credit: Cmglee / Wikimedia Commons

You can either drive there or book a Grab Car. Read my note here on why you shouldn’t take taxis in Malaysia. If you drive, take the Federal Highway from Kuala Lumpur toward Subang / Shah Alam route, and follow the Subang Airport signboards. You may park your car at the paid car park opposite the airport.

Alternatively, you can go by Skypark Link Train from KL Sentral for only RM3.50 one way. The train is hourly, from 5.55 a.m. to 7.25 p.m. You can check the latest train schedule and fares here. Please arrive at the airport at least 10 – 15 minutes before the scheduled flight.

Oxbold can also organize a private coach to pick you up from your hotel. Please contact them for further details.

What to Bring

Items 1 to 4 are MANDATORY and will be submitted to the Day Pass Officer. Without these documents, you will not be allowed entry to the hangar, which will result in rescheduling.

  1. Your IC or passport to enter the hangar (restricted area).
  2. A photocopy of your IC or passport.
  3. A printout of the Day Pass application form, which will be emailed to you.
  4. RM2.00 per person to get a tag to clip on your shirt for security check.
  5. Smart casual attire, preferably of light fabrics as the plane has no air-conditioning. Acceptable attire includes long or short-sleeved T-shirts, collared shirts, long pants, and knee-length skirts. No singlets or shorts.
  6. Closed-toe shoes. No sandals, slippers or flip-flops.
  7. Drinking water (optional).
  8. Camera (optional).
  9. A positive, friendly attitude and a good sense of humor! As someone who has been working in the service line for more than a decade, I can’t stress this enough. I wish all restaurants and retail stores could have this as a prerequisite for any customer wishing to enter their premises.

What to Expect on the One-Day Pilot Experience

I initially booked a flight for 17th August, a day after my birthday. However, it had to be postponed twice due to bad haze (thanks, Indonesia). In the end, I got to do it on August 25th.

I met my co-pilot, Captain Andreas 10 minutes before my 5 p.m. flight. As with any other ‘risky activity’, the indemnity form had to be filled up and signed first and foremost.

I didn’t take the insurance, so if anything happened, I would be on my own. But healthcare in Malaysia is pretty cheap anyway, and I figured that if I were meant to die, then so be it. It’s not like I have any dependent.

Captain Andrea of Oxbold One Day Pilot Experience
With Captain Andrea

Done with registration, we checked in for our flight and went through immigration. It was just like boarding a commercial flight — we had to go through the metal detector and all that.

Then, we made our way to the hangar where rows of light airplanes were kept. One was already standing outside. That was the one we were going to fly in. 

Captain Andreas gave a brief introduction to the different parts of the aircraft, their functions, and how to control them.

After the briefing, we got into the cockpit and buckled up. The captain proceeded to demonstrate to me how to taxi the plane, and let me try it myself. That seriously reminded me of the car driving tests I took many, many moons ago (which I failed, twice).

Learn to Fly Airplane One Day Pilot Kuala Lumpur

Captain Andreas said I did great, although someone in the control tower might stop us any minute now for drunk driving. He then took over for take-off, because that’s one of most dangerous parts of a flight — along with landing — where things could easily go wrong.

And soon, we were in the air! Once the plane was cruising at a safe altitude, he let me handle the control wheel.

At one point, he started teasing me by making the plane dip. I tried to grab hold of something, and in my panic, I grabbed the control wheel and pushed it down, forgetting that by doing so, I was making the plane dip even more. So, we really nosedived for a few seconds, with me screaming like a banshee until he finally righted the plane.

Learn to Fly Airplane One Day Pilot Kuala Lumpur

Captain Andreas has lived in Malaysia for many years and can even speak some Malay. The guy is a joker; I bet he must be popular with kids. A few times, he made my heart stop by pretending to be sleeping at the wheel.

We flew over Kuala Lumpur, saw the Twin Towers, and the KL Tower. We also flew over Batu Caves. The golden statue was so tiny it looked like something you could find in Kinder Joy.

Learn to Fly Airplane One Day Pilot Kuala Lumpur

We made a big circle over some other neighborhoods I wasn’t very familiar with, and before I knew it, 30 minutes had gone by, and we had to prepare for landing. Again, the captain took over the wheel. We did a wheelie on the runway.

After we deplaned, I had to help him push the aircraft into the hangar. Two persons could easily push it without much effort. It’s probably not even as heavy as a car. Then, we took a few more photos together, and said goodbye.

Additional Info

  • Courses can be modified to suit group bookings.
  • Longer flights and further pilot training courses are available upon request.
  • The company reserves the rights to cancel or reschedule any lesson due to weather, serviceability or availability of aircraft, or any unforeseen circumstances.
  • No refunds will be given on cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to departure.

Final Thoughts

Learn to Fly Airplane One Day Pilot Kuala Lumpur
With my passenger.

So, can I really fly a plane now? No, but people don’t have to know that.

I booked the experience as a birthday gift for myself, and I couldn’t have asked for a better present. Despite my lack of interest in any kind of vehicle, I had a lot of fun. Captain Andreas made it all the more enjoyable.

This experience can be a perfect gift for yourself or someone special (well, it’d better be someone special, because it’s certainly not cheap). You can even make it a group activity with your close friends or a family-bonding session.

Happy flying!

Have you ever wished you could fly an airplane? Do you think you would do this one-day pilot experience in Malaysia? Comment below.

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    • ummi

      Ya, Naim. Sukan udara memang rata2 memakan kos yang tinggi, terutama yang menggunakan kapal terbang. Dan untuk program ni, kita bukan saja naik kapal terbang ya, tapi juga diajar serba sedikit tentang mekanisme kapal terbang dan cara mengendalikannya.

    • ummi

      Kalau Murni biasa naik pesawat komersil, saya rasa Murni tentu berani juga naik yang ni. Sebab dia tak terbang tinggi seperti kapal terbang biasa. Cuma mungkin turbulence lebih terasa la sebab pesawat ringan kan.

    • ummi

      Tu lah, nakal betul Captain Andreas tu. Kita ni dah la kecut perut, dia boleh pulak pura2 tidur. Haha. Tapi memang berbaloi la sebagai pengalaman sekali seumur hidup.

    • ummi

      Faham. Kali pertama naik pesawat ringan macam ni, memang agak ngeri juga sebenarnya. Rasa macam tak yakin je benda ni boleh terbang. Hahaha.

  1. Edahyu

    First thought masa baca awal-awal is how much is the course? Memang expected that kind of price la kan sebab bukan main-main nak bawak kapal terbang ni 😆😆 anyway, happy belated birthday, Ummi 🤩

    • ummi

      Thank you, Edahyu. Actually ni birthday tahun 2019. Harga memang expected la tu, kalau yang melibatkan kapal terbang ni, kan? Not something I could afford every day or even every year. haha.

  2. Sis Lin

    Okay yang ni Sis ada pengalaman naik dan cuba membawanya juga..
    Sis join event CSR bersama FRAS di Senai tu..memang satu pengalaman yang takkan dapat Sis lupakan..
    MUla takut, bila dah naik atas, wooowwww gile!!!

    • ummi

      Thank you so much, Kitkat, for always being supportive. I hope you’ll get to experience this too in the future. Do bookmark it for after Covid. 🙂

  3. Mahamahu

    Best lah u ni semua perkara dapat cuba sampai belajar membawa kapal terbang pun dapat juga hehehehe nak cuba kalau berkesempatan hehehehe teringin juga nak terbangkan kapal terbang sendiri kan…

    • ummi

      Yes, Rane. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience everyone should try if they have the means and the opportunity. Do check it out. 🙂

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  5. Rawlins GLAM

    I came here after I watched Horizon Line. You know that your knowledge could save you and someone else like in that movie.
    Me? Takodnya nak fly a plane. Been boarding planes from my hometown Sarawak to KL so many times, still scared of flying hahaha

    • ummi

      Hahaha, Rawlins! This was just for fun. Basically i only know how to steer the plane up and down, left and right, that’s all. I don’t know how to land it yet. So you’ll still be in trouble if you have me on the plane! 😅

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